About Us

Vida Life Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore health tech company focused on molecular hydrogen technology in the personal health care segment.

The company has developed a new patented core technology in hydrogen-oxygen gas generation with additional hydrogen in water system called LifeBox V24 – FB 2500.

LifeBox V24 – FB 2500 has the smallest footprint only 19.5 X 19.5 X 21.5 cm, yet the most powerful with hydrogen-oxygen gas output up to 2500 ml per minute capacity.

LifeBox is portable, light weight, only 5.5 Kg, making it a much needed personal health care product both for the health care and the home care industry.


Our Mission
Due to the COVID-19 and other common problems in the Asia region, such as pollution and well-being, we decided to utilize our expertise in hydrogen gas technology development and came up with innovative-patented technology, a combination of hydrogen-oxygen gas generator with additional hydrogen in water system known as LifeBox.

This mixture of hydrogen and oxygen inhalation can be used as a treatment for COVID-19. And for many more health benefits for the whole family.

We are prioritizing the most intangible, essential component of any complex system: safety.

After all, the purpose of LifeBox is to make life better!