Advantages Of Hydrogen Therapy

Advantages Of Hydrogen Therapy In 7 Common Diseases/Disorders

Your family history of diseases and medical conditions is influenced by a lot more than genes that may transmit hereditary diseases. Note that families also share other important factors, such as lifestyles, dietary habits and environmental exposures, that could be responsible for the condition to run in the family.

You might be concerned that some disease or medical condition may “run in the family” if more than one person in your family has the disease.
Some disease can affect multiple family members that are caused by gene mutations which can be inherited.
While many of the medical conditions that people worry about, don’t actually “run in families” at all.
And an understanding of that could avoid unnecessary anxiety and stress.

Your family history of diseases and medical conditions is influenced by a lot more than genes that may transmit hereditary diseases.
Note that families also share other important factors, such as lifestyles, dietary habits and environmental exposures, that could be responsible for the condition to run in the family.

Hydrogen therapy

Hundreds of studies confirm that hydrogen therapy is not only safe but also highly effective for the treatment of numerous diseases.

This therapy enhances energy and sports performance, and good for the promotion of optimal health and longevity.

There are currently 150 different diseases in which molecular hydrogen appears to exert a beneficial effect. 

By using VIDA LIFE LIFEBOX daily, it can enhance the quality of life while offering an alternative method in medical therapy.

Numerous conditions tend to run in families but not necessarily hereditary, and hydrogen therapy can be beneficial to remedy or improve the state.

Below is a list by no means exhaustive, 7 of the most common conditions, and how hydrogen therapy alleviates the symptoms and aides in the recovery. 



A chronic condition usually caused by abnormally high levels of sugar (glucose) in the blood. 

Insulin produced by the pancreas lowers blood glucose. 

Absence or insufficient production of insulin, or an inability of the body to properly use insulin causes diabetes.

Hydrogen therapy will aid in reducing levels of glucose in the blood and improves insulin function. 

A study showed that drinking hydrogen water decreased cholesterol, improved glucose tolerance and insulin resistance with type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes.


Cardiovascular Disorder 

Refers to various types of conditions that can affect heart function. These types include:

  • Coronary artery (atherosclerotic) heart disease that affects the arteries (pathway) to the heart.
  • Valvular heart disease that affects how the valves function to regulate blood flow in and out of the heart.
  • Cardiomyopathy that affects how the heart muscle squeezes.
  • Heart rhythm disturbances (arrhythmias) that affect the electrical conduction.

The heart needs an adequate blood supply to provide oxygen so that the muscle can contract and pump blood to the rest of the body. 

Not only does the heart pump blood to the rest of the body, but it also pumps blood to itself via the coronary arteries.

Hydrogen therapy will promote the function of the heart ventricles and overall heart functions, and also protect blood vessels. 

These advancements will also aid in improving blood pressure and cholesterol level.



An allergy is an exaggerated reaction by the immune system in response to exposure to certain foreign substances. 

The reaction is excessive because these foreign substances are usually seen as harmless by the immune system in nonallergic individuals and do not cause a response in them. 

In allergic individuals, the body recognizes the substance as foreign, and the allergic part of the immune system generates a response.

Hydrogen therapy will counteract allergic reactions with its anti-allergic properties. And with daily consumption of hydrogen infused water, it will promote biological antioxidant capacity and in time will improve the immune system.

skin disease

Skin Disorder 

There are hundreds of skin conditions that affect humans, and the most common skin conditions can have some similar symptoms.

Patients with skin redness, inflammation, and pain, when given Hydrogen water through an IV solution, were seen safely improved skin health. Hydrogen-water bathing therapy could fulfil the unmet need for chronic inflammatory skin diseases such as psoriasis. 

Its anti-inflammation properties soothe and comfort skin disorders while improving skin regeneration.



A reactive oxygen species (ROS) called Hydroxyl Radical (OH), destroys tissues and DNA by stripping electrons from them.

This process is called oxidization.

It causes the bone and connective tissues to disintegrate.

It also attacks your DNA, and that causes the collective mutations associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis. 

And our body has no natural defence against the Hydroxyl Radical. 

That is why doctors often prescribe antioxidants to try to slow down the progression of Rheumatoid Arthritis. 

The problem is, those prescribed antioxidants show only limited effectiveness. 

Sometimes, they are not effective at all.

The problem with conventional antioxidants is that the molecules they made out of, are too big to enter the cells where the hydroxyl radical is doing the damage.

Molecular hydrogen, a very effective antioxidant, is the smallest molecule in the universe. 

It has the ability to penetrate cell walls and will be attracted to the hydroxyl radical. 

Inside a cell, it seeks it out and neutralizes it. 

What remains of it is just water.

Pain, swelling, inflammation, will be reduced significantly, according to a clinical study by Dr Toru Ishibashi.



Common cancers such as breast, ovarian or colon, can have hereditary factors. 

But only a small proportion are associated with a family history. 

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy remain the leading strategies to treat cancer. 

However, cancer patients receiving these treatments often experience fatigue and impaired quality of life. 

Due to hydrogen gas anti-inflammatory effects, it may work to prevent or relieve the adverse effects caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy without compromising their anti-cancer potential.  

Hydrogen gas may also work alone or synergistically with other therapy to suppress tumour growth via inducing apoptosis, inhibiting CSCs-related and cell cycle-related factors. 

Hydrogen water combined with increased temperature (hyperthermia) had a powerful cancer-killing effect in cells.



A major factor in type 2 diabetes. 

Characterizes by an increased body weight that results in excessive fat accumulation. 

It is a complex, multifactorial, and mostly preventable disease, along with overweight, affecting over a third of the worlds’ population today. 

Obesity essentially increases the risk of chronic diseases morbidity; namely disability, depression, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, certain type of cancer, and mortality. 

Overweight and obesity in middle age shorten life expectancy by an estimated 4-7 years. 

While not every overweight/obese individual has diabetes, some 80% of those with diabetes are overweight/obese.

Long term drinking of hydrogen infused water will significantly control fat and body weight, despite no increase in consumption of diet and water. Moreover, it will enhance energy expenditure to improve obesity and diabetes. 

It appears that orally administered hydrogen molecule as a blend of hydrogen-generating minerals might be a beneficial agent in the management of body composition and insulin resistance in obesity.

As you can see; hydrogen therapy is beneficial in relieving the most common diseases. A daily consumption of hydrogen therapy of 1 hour will optimize your well being and also boost immunity, and LifeBox can offer you this.

LifeBox- hydrogen therapy

Learn more about LifeBox and how it can improve your well being here.

And learn about the benefits of hydrogen here:

Hydrogen – The Elixir Of Life

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