How LifeBox Works


Here's how you can revitalize your physical well-being

We produced a range of hydrogen processing equipment with patent innovation of hydrogen production technologies. LifeBox the new hydrogen and oxygen gas production system.

The most portable health necessity is here!

Adding hydrogen and oxygen absorption, enabling individuals to consume hydrogen & oxygen gas at leisure, enjoy the easiest, most comfortable, the most normal, the best small molecules to bring satisfaction physically and mentally. Explore a modern recuperation process driven by gas.

Why choose Life box?

Secure and easy to use: You just have to add RO water or distilled water. When RO water or distilled water is added, the generated gas is pure hydrogen and pure oxygen, and it will not contain other impurity gases.

No Side-effects: Hydrogen-oxygen have no side effects. Pure Hydrogen gas 99.999% have been classified by FDA-GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe). 

Some health benefits to look for

No Need to Worry About Medical Safety Anymore!

If there is no hypoxia component, it does not inflict harmful effects on the body even though if you are breathing hundreds of atmospheric of hydrogen. Hydrogen’s biological health is better than nitrogen, and several times stronger than oxygen. LifBox is safe because it is made by mixing pure hydrogen-Oxygen. Therefore, you don’t need to get concerned regarding safety issues.

Because fundamentally, life box is about saving lives!