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The Need For LifeBox

LifeBox will decompose oxygen from water in high amounts, while also decomposing a significant amount of hydrogen gas. Oxygen will ease the patient’s hypoxia symptoms and help to generate antibodies for the immune system of the body with further time.

Besides hydrogen, the lure of oxygen into deeper layers of cells is more accessible. It may also be sedative and beneficial in reducing inflammation. It will alleviate the virus-caused inflammation and helps in the eradication of free radicals.

It will not only prolong your life but can also assist in relief treatment of Covid-19.

LifeBox For Your Business

Any business can benefit with Vida Life LifeBox Hydrogen-Oxygen Gas Therapy. By offer Session Therapy inhalation services to add value to your existing and potential new customers.

Drive more foot traffic into the business on a daily basis. .

Any Business Benefits

If you operate a Clinic, Rehab Center, Hair salon, Massage center, Spa, Beauty salon, Sport center, Gym, Hotel or similar businesses you can add value and drive new business to your door with Vida Life LifeBox Business.

Why not offer free sessions to drive more business into the establishment on a daily basis!

Other Potential Benefits Of Hydrogen-Oxygen Gas Therapy:

Very Hydrating

Anti-aging properties

Effective for Diabetes

Helps manage allergies

Improves cognitive abilities

Boost immunity

Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant

and many more..

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